You must like to puzzle.

I have been working at Geurts in Leiden since 2017. I am a Sales Engineer / Thermal Engineer. I studied Chemical Engineering in Pretoria, South-Africa, which is similar to Chemical Technology in the Netherlands.

Geurts is a relatively small-scale company and therefore I get the chance to be part of the entire heat exchanging process. From design to delivery you come across a number of challenges of which you need to create the ideal solution.

My biggest challenge is to supply the best design, for the best price to meet the expectations of our customer and better than our competitors. Another challenge is assisting and advising the customer when he does not know exactly what he needs. I love to see a customized heat exchanger and a satisfied customer. A tangible product created and sold by a team.

What I mostly like about my job is the combination of the special technology, the collaboration with my colleagues and contact with the customer. We are a small-scale and social company where we work hard together to deliver the best product.

Annica’s advice for new colleagues:
Working at Geurts is very diverse. You must like to puzzle in a technical way of speaking. We create unique designs and for each customer you always provide a new design. Therefore, you have to relate to the situation of the customer to tackle any problems which may arise, and, consequently offer the best solution. It is important that you think out of the box and that you are customer-friendly.

Things you need to know about Geurts:
The fact that we supply heat exchangers to various industries makes working at Geurts diverse. We even supply to organisations which do not spring immediately to mind, such as crematoriums and small systems for fishing boats.

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