Good ideas are always welcomed.

I have been working at Beemster since 2002. I’m an electrician and my workweeks vary. On Thursdays we receive the work schedule for the coming week, but, if necessary, the schedule can be adapted. If we have a project abroad you are informed well in advance as sometimes you will be working abroad for a couple of weeks. In 2017 I stayed several times in a board and lodging accommodation in the Netherlands and abroad. Working abroad (mostly in France, but also Germany, England, Finland and Italy) means working two consecutive weeks. After this shift you have one week off.

Projects, in the Netherlands as well as abroad, can take a week, but also several months. You work with different people. Not only with your Beemster colleagues but also with people from Heilig, Geurts and Recco, for instance. This depends of the project.

There is a heavy workload and we are in need of new colleagues, but there is always a good working atmosphere. You have to contribute to the atmosphere yourself. When something is bothering you, you must say it. Don’t make it difficult for yourself. Especially when you are abroad with a team of colleagues. There you stay together in one accommodation and so you have to behave in a social way. You work together, eat and watch TV together. The only thing we do not do together is sleep! We do not only discuss the things that go wrong, but also focus on the things that go well. That is very special at Beemster I think. There are no seclusions.

Each project is different and every customer is different. You learn every day. We try to solve problems and challenges as soon as possible. You must ensure that the customer is satisfied, that is our main goal. Therefore, you need to be creative and need to improvise and have good technical understanding. You need to collaborate as a team, especially when you are abroad. Therefore we take extra material with us to provide the best solution.

Bas’ advice for new colleagues:
Make sure you are flexible and be independent. It is also important to be sociable and creative. Do not be overbearing and show what you are capable of. Good ideas are always welcome. If you believe another approach provides better opportunities, then we will try it. Later we will check which method is better. That gives us the freedom to learn from each other.

Things you need to know about Beemster:
When people think of electro-technology most people think of a domestic or commercial electrician. We do a lot of work projects for the Heilig Group and other customers from the manufacturing, agricultural and construction industries. We do not work in over-the-counter projects, but carry out highly-specialized work. That is something else.

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