New colleagues easily blend in with the group.

Two years ago I read an the advertisement for the position of Mechanical Engineer at Geurts in Leiden. First I was doubting whether to apply or not, because I am interested in moving parts and heat exchangers are rather static. During the job interview I discovered that these products are full of technology and knowhow. The offered position seemed a bigger challenge than I initially thought and that is the reason why I decided to switch over to Geurts.

Although I repeatedly work on the same product, each project is different. I have a very diverse job. Sometimes I feel like a Mr Fixit and I get to deal with new aspects. That makes my job interesting.

I am most proud of the fact that I managed to minimise the timeframe for creating a specific design. The design process of customized solutions is much quicker now, because I have created a solid basic design. I keep elaborating on it, because I believe I can create an even better design.

Our team is relatively small and is very close knit. We have a lot of meetings and communication lines are short. We all know the role and activities of each colleague and so we deal promptly with any problem which may arise.

I had worked at bigger companies before, but I felt like a number and the atmosphere was more bureaucratic. At Geurts communication lines are short and you can actually achieve something and can count on each other. When I started to work at Geurts we were a team of 7. Now the number of colleagues has doubled. I am happy to have joined a small company which is still growing. I feel listened to when I express my opinion and ideas. In this way I get the opportunity to participate in the company’s development.

Youri’s advice for new colleagues:
Thinking out of the box is one of Geurts’ core values and you must be comfortable with that. We hardly say ‘no’ to a project. Despite all challenges we are always capable in finding the right solution for each project.

Things you need to know about Geurts:
Geurts has a very informal atmosphere. We address each other in a formal way and everyone matters. Our General Manager Vico has a good eye for people. He pays attention that new colleagues are not afraid to take responsibility and ensure that they are team players that easily blend in with our group.

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